TikTok’s Consistent Growth Amidst Hurdles

TikTok, the lip-synching platform has 500 million active users worldwide. The application has reached this height within 3 years of its launch setting the bars high for other social platforms. Even Facebook the social platform with the most number of users with 2.37 billion did not achieve this mark in such a short span. The unprecedented growth of this platform had turned heads of marketers who are prompted to make their entry into the platform due to the astonishing rise in its userbase. Alongside, TikTok got tangled in many controversies that damaged the reputation of the platform. However, the platform manages to surpass the hurdles and continues its journey in gaining the supremacy as the number one social platform alongside the prevalence of many service providers like TikViral that helps marketers to reach their target audience and maximize the conversion rate. 

TikTok had a great impact on teens and minors. Many of them had begun to spend more time on TikTok, barely spending time on Facebook and Instagram. The application has influenced people in such a way that they were unable to take-off their eyes from the application once they get immersed in it easily. People began to buy TikTok views to enhance their reach on the platform and maximize their engagement rate. The non-stop entertainment it has availed to its users has made people stay glued to it. Meanwhile, many rose to fame through TikTok, constructing a separate fanbase for them. Through this, it is evident how the platform has become close to people’s hearts.

Facebook was bewildered, unable to find ways to put a full stop to the consistent growth of TikTok’s userbase. Facebook which ruled the social media for quite a few years consistently stumbled upon by the advent of new social platforms garnering people towards them seamlessly. Meanwhile, TikTok got hooked into a major controversy, which leads to the vast destruction of its reputation. ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, which has its headquarters in China faced a major accusation from the USA that ByteDance had given the data of USA people on the platform to the Chinese government. It is pertinent to mention that nearly 60% of the USA population of ages between 16-24 are on TikTok. This made world countries to check with ByteDance regarding the way the data of their people are utilized. The accusation though has damaged the reputation of the company to a certain extent, TikTok managed to regain its pace. 

In an attempt to take advantage of the situation, Facebook introduced Lasso, similar to TikTok, as its replacement. Though the application had a reach among people, it could not stop the increasing user base of TikTok in any way. Lasso, which possesses the same characteristics of TikTok could make people turn towards it only if it adds some new unique feature that could interest people. 

Amidst controversies, TikTok’s footsteps towards reaching new heights by setting the bar high have not come to a standstill like its increasing userbase. Meanwhile, like all other social media giants, TikTok is looking to monetize its platform by giving space to retailers to sell their products. This will make the platform more holistic providing no reason for people to shift to other platforms. Marketers have begun to choose TikTok over Facebook due to the consistent growth in its userbase. If the upliftment in the userbase of the platform continues, it will turn into a diverse platform eventually will become inevitable by marketers. Considering the marketers’ interest, TikTok has rolled out features that help marketers to reach their target audience easily and boost their presence. These features will help marketers to reach their prospects and maximize the conversion rate. Rather than being an entertainment platform, TikTok has become a more convenient platform for both people and marketers. This will further enhance the importance of the platform and gain an unshakeable place among a cluster of social platforms. Once a platform garners the attention of marketers, then its reach and improvement in its userbase will be consistent as marketers who will be active on the platform will carry out all the measures to deliver engaging content to drive people. Thus, the platform will be filled with enticing content that eventually makes people stay glued to the platform thereby increasing the conversion rate.

TikTok, the lip-synching application which was once considered as the underdog, now has turned into the major rival for Facebook and Twitter, who were considered the undisputed kings of social media. If TikTok continues to withstand its growth, it could surpass Facebook in terms of userbase anytime sooner. At the same time, Byte Dance has to look out for ways to reclaim its reputation and to untangle it from the controversies. Its firm userbase across many countries cannot be shaken easily, thereby turning into a dominant social platform.