Popular TikTok Trends That You Need To Follow On 2020

TikTok is a fast-growing social media platform popular in short-form video streaming and sharing application. TikTok is available in over 150 countries, which allows users to create and share a short video with music filters and other amazing features. TikTok offers users a platform to express them in a very creative and engaging way. Sometimes it looks funny but addictive.

TikTok has over 1 billion active users, where most users are Generation Z roughly between the age of 13 and 30. TikTok was initially launched as Douyin in China, and the same application was launched as TikTok for markets outside of China. TikTok competes with giant social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and much more. Users can create and share their passion and creative expression through videos.

TikTok is more of an entertainment platform instead of a lifestyle platform, and that makes TikTok stand out among the competition. With the simplicity of using the application, anybody can become a content provider. And it appeals to a wide range of content creators globally.

Here are a few TikTok trends that dominate the platform that you need to follow.  And if you are looking to gain more followers, lucky for you, there are social media service providers like wooxie, where you can buy TikTok Likes and buy TikTok fans, and much more to become famous quickly.

TikTok Trends That Gains More Engagement

  1. Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenges are a signature offering that increases engagement and awareness. TikTok allows users to attempt and share their challenges and is a great way to increase user-generated content.

Marketers on TikTok follow these Hashtag challenge trends to create user-generated content and build customer relationships with products or services. Popular brands utilize TikTok to promote products that would prompt consumers to experiment with the effects. TikTok helps to create visual content to communicate brands message. Businesses use platform preferred by under 25 age people to distribute their message itself shows the future growth of TikTok.

  1. Memes

TikTok is a great platform where users post short videos of anything from dance challenges to pranks. TikTok is also best known for its act-out videos, and lip-syncing memes filtered with music and other sound clips. TikTok users reproduce content and remix among their followers. You can also buy tiktok shares to gain account popularity quickly to stand out from the competition.

Here are some of the popular TikTok Memes that gained more attention are: I am already Tracer, Pet dress-up, Shoe change challenge, Hit or miss, Cosplay, Prank wars and much more have increased user engagements.

  1. Duets

Duets are like remixing a song which is another core part of TikTok application growth. Duets let users take another person’s video, music or voice and add to their video. For example, you can set up a joke and set give another person a chance to deliver a message or punch line. TikTok users can take music videos and add perform corresponding dance moves.  

  1. Slow-mo

TikTok Slow-mo is a Slow Motion video that attracts more viewers and followers. TikTok application itself consists of various clips with music and dialogs. Users can emphasize their video content through Slow Motion videos. You can participate or join in a dance move, make of things, make a joke, prank videos and much more.

  1. Brand Advertising

TikTok presents an enormous opportunity for marketers to advertise on the platform. Big brands use TikTok advertising to promote products or services in unique, visually compelling campaigns. If you are investing your time and efforts to gain success on TikTok, buy tiktok views services to reach a wider range of audiences.

  1. Influencer Sponsorships

With the growth of TikTok, businesses have realized that the key to brand awareness involves the Influencer sponsorship on the application. Instead of spending months analyzing what content would work best and what would target audience look for, you can work with Influencers on TikTok. Research and Identify the right Influencer for your niche who has a decent following, high engagements, and visible track of reaching your target audience.


TikTok has seen a surge in popularity and considered to be a fun, entertaining, and addictive application in the last few months. If you want to be on the right track find new ways to engage with your fans and followers. To reach a wider range of audience, buy TikTok fans from Flymesocial and get active audiences.

The platform serves different purposes than giant social media like YouTube and Facebook and is mainly aimed at content creators. It also has the potential to become the next big marketing and social networking platform. If TikTok is able to capitalize on brand awareness and engagements, it is sure to grow higher and able to compete with other social media platforms in marketing.