Ways To Use Instagram Shopping

About Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shop online provides your business a fascinating storefront for people to search for your amazing products. With the Instagram shop page, you can administer your products through stories and organic posts, or have people find your products in research & Explore.
If someone clicks on the product tag on the post or a product sticker shared by you, they’ll be directed to a product description page where they can see the product details, price, specifications and decide, if they want to buy the product. The product description would have the following criteria:

> The Image of the product that you have added in the post or story
> The description of the very same product that you need to sell on Instagram
> Cost of the product.
> They will also find the link that will direct them directly to your website from where they can buy the product if they want to.

Shopping On Instagram

It really matters if you have an Instagram business or creator account that is not in the location where Instagram shopping is available. In that case, you will not be able to sell any product on Instagram as the policies are restricted in some countries.

Set-Up Requirements For Instagram Shopping

If you are willing to use the Instagram Shopping, you need to make sure that the Instagram account and business should comply with the following guidelines:

> Always assure that you and your business should go with the directions of merchant contract and business rules, regulations.

> Convert your Instagram into a business account to get your business listed on Instagram.

> Be certain when it comes to connecting Business account with your Facebook Page. On Facebook you should include a text- to buy and payment option before you get to the Instagram shopping. Just to clarify things that the country and the age restrictions will not be carried or may be shown on your Instagram shopping page as it shows on your Facebook page.

> The products you are planning to sell on Instagram should only have actual Physical products. Instagram has been testing this feature and planning to extend the availability for more business account in coming future.

> For better business campaign, your Instagram business account should be connected to the Facebook Catalogue. You can create and manage the Facebook Catalogue through Business Manager or Catalogue Manager on Facebook itself or you can use third-party tools like Shopify or maybe BigCommerce Platforms.

All right, once the above criteria are matched and you are positive all you need to do is submit the account for the review. In order to submit your account for review- navigate into your profile settings and tap on business then tap on Instagram shopping. Make sure everything is perfect and matches the above guidelines as the Instagram shopping review really matters a lot.
However, the process to accept or decline your account for Instagram shopping takes a couple of days and sometimes it takes over a week for the decisions.

Once you get approval notification from Instagram, you would then need to complete the set-up for that get into your Instagram profile and navigate to settings and tap on shopping to tag your products in organic posts and stories.

Select An E-Commerce Platform To Add A Shop On Facebook

After you receive the notification about the approval and once you have checked your business eligibility, you can host your products in a catalogue in order to get your product reviewed. This can be done in a couple of ways, but if you work with a Facebook Partner this option may be the best choice for your business.

About Instagram Shopping Insights

To see the insight of how people interact on your shopping content after you are done with the tagging on your product and adding product stickers on your stories and your organic post. It will also show you the insights of how many visitors have viewed and interact with the product that you have tagged with a product sticker in the story or the post.

> Product Views: The number of people clicked on the product tag to get to the product page.
> Product Button Clicks: The number of people clicked on the purchase button to get to the product page.

So, these are the “ways to use Instagram shopping” feature by Trollishly and by using this feature you can enhance the shopping experience for your prospective clients. Enable such amazing features and make your business future ready.
Pro Tip” To help your product reach potential customers you need to have higher engagement ratio. This can be achieved using quality content and good strategies, but you can also opt to buy Instagram likes and there are website’s who also give you the option to buy Instagram views.