5 Major TikTok Trends Every Influencer Should Know About

Last year was a great year for TikTok. From being awarded the most downloaded app in Q1 2019 to being named as Gen Z’s favorite app, nothing could stop it. Starting 2020 at the same pace, some TikTok trends are clearly going to dominate the platform and some that we at TikViral think are going to be key ones for anyone trying to be famous on the app. 

Here are the 5 major best TikTok trends to follow that every influencer should know about:


In the wake of so many TikTok users experiencing an instant boom in popularity with particular video content, the TikTok creator community is on a mission to crack the TikTok algorithm. There’s one theory that suggests tagging a video with hashtags #ForYou, #ForYouPage or #FYP can help the video content reach more audience. “For You” tab is the place where visitors find content that TikTok recommends on the basis of their previous interactions. 

While this strategy hasn’t produced verified results, a large number of creators are using it. Scrolling up through the “For You” page and your main feed, you’ll see popular videos are being uploaded with #ForYou hashtags variations. Expect more trends like this to emerge over time from the TikTok creators in efforts to outsmart TikTok’s algorithm.


Where would a social media channel be if it didn’t have memes? TikTok is more reliant on memes compared to any other social media. Unlike other social media channels, TikTok thrives on its irreverence. 

TikTok creators can be found making fun of themselves in public; performing embarrassing pranks, doing silly skits – memes are perfectly falling into the lap of TikTok creators’ community.

You might have seen people dress up their pet in public or heard people yell hit or miss or maybe the ‘karma is a bitch’ meme, in which people shoot a normal video of themselves before pulling a sheet or blanket to show off the better-looking self. 

Memes are the backbone of TikTok and are responsible for TikTok creators’ engagement and success.  

Influencer Deals

This is one big question that has been on everyone’s head in influencer marketing. Sure TikTok is a famous app, but is it a relevant platform for influencers and brands?

In the beginning, the owner of TikTok ByteDance was happy to sit back to allow it to grow into a large user base, operating at losses. Vine is another video platform that died because of influencer moving towards other social media for more lucrative social media deals.  

After TikTok becoming the No #1 app, brands are now looking for ways to use this network for marketing purposes. We’ve seen a significant increase in influencer deals in the past few months.

ByteDance recently kicked their TikTok campaign, by recruiting celebrities like Kris Jenner, Charlie Puth and Paris Hilton to push their #memeathon tag and it saw a positive level of engagement. ByteDance is very keen to prove it to the influencers and brands that TikTok is open for influencer marketing for their audience.

We’ve already seen many large brands launch campaigns on TikTok, including Sony, Coca-Cola and Calvin Klien. 


Slow-Mo effect or slow motion is one of the popular effects that users use into their videos. It’s one of the most famous effects of TikTok and is generally found in most of the visual content. E.g. Stunts, dance moves, pranks, all of these go well with slow-mo effect. 

Videos under #slowmo hashtags have already got more than 26 billion views. Complications of slow-mo effects also gain millions of views on YouTube. 

TikTok Twins

TikTok twin theme is the exact opposite of the sibling rivalry content found on the internet. The hashtag #twin is very huge in the trending list, with over 1.5 billion posts and 9 billion views on videos featuring under #twin. 

Expect to see twins dancing or performing together on some other kind of content like playing football videos or comic videos. It’s definitely a trend that is here to stay on TikTok for a long time.

This was our Guide to Trends on TikTok. Every Influencer and brand should follow these trends on TikTok to make a mark. But following these trends will not bring you overnight success. If you’re someone who’s looking to gain more followers quickly, then lucky for you, there are websites where you can buy TikTok likes and buy TikTok fans to become famous quickly.