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Launched in 2012, Playnify aims to bring together people or goods by providing user-centric social networking services and smart connected mobility systems.

We work closely with our clients to ensure operational efficiency, improved customer experience and sustainability. The potential of emerging technologies inspires us to create new ways of creating value and exploiting business. We believe our solutions will disrupt the way people and goods connect, communicate and move tomorrow.


Big Data




It all started with a ride sharing social network…

Focused on the consumer market, Thumbeo has started as a rider-matching platform which gained power through the use of several innovative features:

  • Allowed users going the same way to match up on both planned and unplanned rides on demand;
  • Broadcast their rides to others in the vicinity of their trip using hashtags;
  • Enabled users to chat with others going their way and get notified when rides were published for events or destinations they were headed to.

And now, introducing Thumbeo Corporate:

The new direction for Thumbeo focuses on applying machine-learning to corporate mobility, to build an open marketplace for mobility services.




A 5G-based platform that will change the Automotive Industry

Playnify has been working in V2X (Vehicle to Everything) solutions, developing 5G-based platform allowing the Automotive Industry to build innovative services on top of, leveraging its high-bandwidth and ultra reliable and low latency communications.

Putting together tech-savvy developers and visionary product managers, Playnify has ben rebuilt with a new business and
technological focus aiming to take up the mobility market using innovative approaches and relying on strategic partnerships.

Our Dream Team

Our team works as one, focused on constantly creating new and innovative solutions that stands out from the crowd. If you want to join our mission and revolutionize the world of social networking & mobility, just send us an e-mail.

Nuno Ribeiro CEO
João Pedrosa CTO
Carlos Oliveira COO
André Duarte Software Developer
Francisco Monsanto Software Developer


Travessa Senhor das Barrocas, 38
3800–075 Aveiro (Portugal)

+351 960 008 982

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